Dave Davies & Russ Davies: Open Road (Green Amp)

Dave Davies & Russ Davies
Open Road
(Green Amp)

Dave Davies comes to us with his new album like an old friend returning after a long absence to reconnect and let us know he’s the same ole guy we’ve always known and loved.

Dave Davies (The Kinks) has always shared his brother’s pop sensibilities but threw in his own edge and right turns to differentiate his songs from Ray’s. And with ‘Open Road’ he’s up to his old tricks (yay). However, ‘Open Road’ is different. Its mid-tempo approach, infectious melodies, and reflective lyrics showcase some of the best songwriting of his career. It’s the perfect Sunday morning album with songs you’ll be singing long after the needle has left the grooves. Plus, the fact that he’s made the album with his son Russ marks a somewhat sweeter Davies family affair than what he’s enjoyed lately with his own brother.

On the off chance that this is the last album we’ll hear from our old friend, we have the wonderful knowledge that Dave Davies finished his recording career at the top of his game.

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