Datarock: Red


It’s apparent that Datarock don’t take themselves too seriously, yet the Norwegian duo manages to produce some seriously enjoyable tunes. Red, the group’s follow up to Datarock Datarock, attains the fun, immediate dance-party vibe.

The album kicks off with the menacingly spastic “The Blog,” which is accompanied by choice sound-bites on the internet. When lead singer Fredrik Saroea interjects “Hey information highway, We’ll be online til the break of day, Hey computer age, You don’t need a house if you’ve got a highway,” you can’t help but pump your fist and think “Internet, fuck yeah!”

Critics have loved comparing Datarock to Talking Heads, and it’s not without merit. One of the catchiest tracks on Red is “True Stories” whose lyrics are made up entirely of Talking Heads song titles (“Don’t worry about the government, The Democratic circus, Cause mommy daddy you and I, Are burning down the house”).

If a song written from Talking Heads lyrics is not enough, Datarock also sings an ode to the John Hughes star Molly Ringwald on the appropriately titled track “Molly.” Accompanied by a fantastic bass-line and spacious guitars, Saroea sings out to Ringwald, letting her know that he’ll always be there for her.

Sure, Datarock can slow things down and show their sensitive side, but next second you know they’re burning down the house (sorry for the pun) with another ridiculously fun track, “The Pretender.” This is what the Talking Heads would sound like if they spent all day surfing the internet while wearing matching red hoodies and reflective sunglasses.

Datarock knows how to have fun. Red is easily one of the most enjoyable albums this year.  The tunes are infectious and a blast no matter how many times you’ve blared it through your stereo.