Danny Boyle: In His Own Words

Danny Boyle: In His Own Words
By Amy Raphael
(Faber & Faber)

Danny Boyle is one of our generation’s most prolific filmmakers, having achieved cult status after the release of indie favourite “Shallow Grave” and the brilliant “Trainspotting.”  However, it was not until “Slumdog Millionaire” became a surprise overnight hit and favourite of critics and audiences alike that Boyle became a household name.

Along with “Shallow Grave” and “Trainspotting,” Boyle has an impressive resume under his belt, having been the mastermind behind “A Life Less Ordinary,” “The Beach,” “28 Days Later,” and many more.

“Danny Boyle In His Own Words” hit the shelves in time to coincide with the release of Boyle’s latest cinematic release “127 Hours,” the biographical story of Aron Ralston  (played by James Franco), who was forced to amputate his arm after becoming trapped by a boulder while climbing in Utah.

The book is comprised of a number of interviews conducted between Boyle and author Amy Raphael from 1996 to the present.  (Raphael has written for the likes of Esquire, The Daily Telegraph, The Observer and Rolling Stone and NME).

This collection of interviews, dating from the beginning of Boyle’s cinematic career to his recent commentary on “127 Hours,” provides a fascinating and comprehensive insight into the director’s life – from his childhood in Lancashire to the unexpected stellar success to his future in film making. “Danny Boyle: In His Own Words” is s must-read for anyone who has been enthralled by Boyle’s cinematic feats.