Daniel G. Harmann & The Trouble Starts: Risk

Daniel G. Harmann & The Trouble Starts
(Burning Building)

It’s hard to believe Daniel G. Harmann is on his sixth album and it’s even harder to believe this guy isn’t more well known amongst the indue music ranks. Seriously, how is someone this talented so overlooked?

Normally a solo artist, Harmann brings in backing band The Trouble Starts to add a different dimension to his already beautiful songwriting. Even with the backing band – Forrest Haskell (bass); Kelly Dale (guitar)l and Shea Bliss (drums), Harmann (vocals, guitar) – Harmann stays true to his writing style with sweeping melodies, lush soundscapes and intriguing atmosphric fills for a dream-like sonic state.

Harmann and compay do a fine high wire act balancing the quiet and loud sounds on the new album Risk. It is hard to tag Risk with a musical sub genre, some may call the album “art rock,” some may even call it pretentious, but in reality, the album is soaring with epic songs.

As stunning as the music is on Risk, it is Harmann’s words which steal the show. Right away the album pulls you in with the opening track “We Are Professionals” about Harmann’s time as a construction worker trying to make ends meet. The first single, a straight-forward rocker – “The Horse and The Sistine Chapel” finds Harmann dealing with a little evil in his life. At over eight minutes long “Estrella” is full of love and hope Harmann feels towards his family.

I haven’t heard all of Harmann’s albums, but compared to the ones I have, Risk is his most personal effort to date. This is a special collection of 11 songs from Daniel G. Harmann & The Trouble Starts. It weaves a lot of messages into the lyrics and is unpretentious in doing so. There is something here for everyone to key in on and love. Harmann may feel like he is taking a risk with this album, but after listening, it seems like he is opening himself up and taking his music to a whole new level.