Damion Suomi & The Minor Prophets: Go, And Sell All of Your Things

Damion Suomi & The Minor Prophets
Go, And Sell All of Your Things

In 2009, Damion Suomi put out his criminally overlooked debut (Self-Titled). A brilliant collection of punk poetry, folk rock and drinking songs that put him up there with Chuck Ragan, Tim Barry and Frank Turner as one of the most talented singer songwriters playing today.

His second album, Go, And Sell All of Your Things proves his first effort was hardly a fluke. Backed by The Minor Prophets (his former band mates from his pre-solo group Memoranda), Suomi is just as confident in his writing and experimental as ever with his sound, from the foot stomping “Camel” to the country-tinged “City on a Hill” and the piano-centered rant “I Hope You Die Sad and Alone.”

There are plenty of religious themes weaved throughout the record (appropriate considering he attended a bible college before dropping out) and plenty of Irish musical influences (also pretty appropriate considering the time he spent living in Ireland), combined they make Suomi’s one of the most original songwriters of his generation. If there is any justice, Go, And Sell All of Your Things will bring Suomi and his band the audience they rightfully deserve. Then again, I though the same thing after hearing his first record.