Cursive: I Am Gemini

I Am Gemini
(Saddle Creek)

Cursive have been around since 1995, and since 2000 the band has put out an album about every three years, with their latest being I Am Gemini.

This time out, they’ve gotten all Who-ish on us. According to the press kit,I Am Gemini is the surreal and powerful musical tale of Cassius and Pollock, twin brothers separated at birth. One good and one evil, their unexpected reunion in a house that is not a home ignites a classic struggle for the soul, played out with a cast of supporting characters that includes a chorus of angels and devils, and twin sisters conjoined at the head.”


From the write-up, it sounds compelling. But, sadly it is not. Concept albums are hard to pull off. What you get with I Am Gemini is a frenetic emo rehash that owes as much to Weezer as it does to the music scene of Champaign, IL circa 1995.

They obviously wear their influences on their sleeve. Having formed nearly 17 years ago, one would hope they would find a maturity in their songwriting and performance that is lacking here. Better luck in 2015.