Curse Of Lono: Severed (Submarine Cat)

Curse Of Lono
(Submarine Cat)

The debut, self-titled album, ‘Curse of Lono,’ is a beautiful life force to suck into your soul. From start to finish, the record delivers interesting and biting lyrics, sung to a unique blend of Americana with a little rock and blues mixed in. Formerly of Hey Negrita, Felix Bechtolsheimer is the bands’ mastermind and vocalist, joining four other musicians who bring the sweet melodies the dark edge and the gorgeous harmonies with their guitars, organ, bass, and drums.

There were snippets of Crosby Stills and Nash, Mark Knopfler and Edward Sharpe, telling stories of heartbreak, love, and the ache of living and surviving. Bechtolsheimer’s voice is infectious but it thrills more because of the tightness of the band and the shit they can do with their instruments.
The accordion on “He Takes my Place” is like another band member, broken and bleeding.

On Track 4, “Just My Head,” the heart of the record starts to heat up with some soulful slide work to sultry words (It’s hard not to drink like a man, when the ghosts that surround you insist that you can.) “London Rain” should be snapped up for the next season of True Detective. It’s gritty, dusty, and delicious. “Welcome Home” is a dark anthem for all of us who have hit a wall and poured a drink to get through another day.

The music of Curse of Lono is a pleasure to listen to, oddly marketable, and could easily be the soundtrack to all of our spring adventures. What do we have to do to get them to leave their native Britain and tour the US?