Curse Of Lono: Severed (Submarine Cast)

Curse Of Lono
(Submarine Cast)

Last year, London’s Curse Of Lono put out one of the year’s best EPs. With ‘Severed,’ their first full length album, they prove that they were just getting started.

Spread across 10 songs, the album combines folk, Americana, alt rock, and goth for one of the most exciting things to come out of the UK in years. There is not a weak track on the album, which kicks off with the slow burn of “Five Miles” up through the beautifully melancholy “Don’t Look Down.” You can pick up influences as varied as Tom Waits and Radiohead, but still with an originality that defies obvious classification. The Curse Of Lono, which was formed after the break-up of British roots band Hey Negrita, sounds nothing like the singer/songwriter Felix Bechtolsheimer’s other group.

Last year’s EP, which served as a soundtrack to a short film by Alex Walker, segues seamlessly into these new songs. This new collection only goes to bolster the argument that this band deserves a much bigger audience.