The Greedy Loves: Bring A Milieu Of Experience TtoTthe Champaign-Urbana Music Scene

Although the past is an important factor in explaining the present state of things, detailing the illustrious history of each individual member of The Greedy Loves would be as convoluted and confusing as trying to fill in the plot holes of the last two seasons of “The X-files.” And honestly, there’s not enough space in an entire magazine, let alone one article to do that. However, fortunately for everybody reading this article, there is enough room to discuss the formation and present state of a band reluctant to accept the title of “supergroup.” They’re super, and they’re a group, but they don’t consider themselves to be a “supergroup.”

If one combined the years of experience in The Greedy Loves, the result would be a really old guy–a really old guy who could rock. After prior experience in bands such as Outnumbered, Schoolyard Truce, and The Martyrs along with producing and engineering for bands such as Absinthe Blind, Kent Whitesell began playing with Charlie Dold from Milo, Superhero Forehead, and Weird Summer. The Greedy Love-fest finally converged when Don Gerard, who when properly googled returns more results than the rest of the band, sat in on bass. Following the recommendation of Badfinger drummer John Richardson, the group contacted Terry Wathen to play drums.

Yet with all of this musical love in the air, what would be the proper name to sum up what the band stands for? Or, more likely, what name could they come up with in time for their first show together?

“We had a show, and we had a set list, so I finally picked something from the set list.” Bassist Don Gerard said. “It sounded like a 60’s rock band if you put a ‘The’ in it and made it plural.”

Their set list became an archive of prior songs mostly written by Dold and other members of the band more than an album with any coherent theme. This is just an example of how the different backgrounds of each member of the band can converge without entirely becoming homogenous and create a fresh sound.

Local haunts of the band include the Cowboy Monkey–even recalling the time when it was known as the Blind Pig–and the Highdive. The Greedy Loves have performed with acts such as Lorenzo Goetz and Cameron McGill, whom Gerard holds with great regard.

“I love the Living Blue, Lorenzo Goetz–Cameron McGill is amazing.” Gerard said. “There are a whole lot of guys and gals who are pretty much run-of-the-mill-sized fish in this pond and that is all they will ever be, but Cameron is special.”

This sense of musical solidarity is what makes the Champaign-Urbana music scene so appealing to groups such as The Greedy Loves. The scene grows with every new band formation, from CU natives such as most members of The Greedy Loves who graduated from the same high school in 1983 to émigrés such as American Minor from West Virginia.

Yet as for The Greedy Loves themselves, Gerard sums up the band’s sound simply, which is true to any good rock philosophy.

“We’re an old school guitar band practicing in a garage like the early days of the 80’s.” he said.