Chloe Charles: Little Green Bud

Chloe Charles
Little Green Bud

Chloe Charles may well be a musical sorceress. Her EP Little Green Bud is completely captivating.  Charles’ voice is hypnotic and spellbinding, coaxing the listener deeper and deeper into her music until one is captive to complete the journey she has laid out.

The Toronto-based singer/songwriter is the type of artist one loves to discover.  Her voice is completely her own and difficult to compare.  She is a fusion of folk, jazz and blues like a moody, adventurous Joni Mitchell with neo-soul tendencies.

Charles’ compositions have a haunting layering musically.  The use of staccato classical guitar and lush strings behind her voice creates an aural patch of soft grass for the ears to lie down in and listen to her story.  Her use of musical punctuation gives so many layers to her music; it is like a forest of sounds behind her voice.

Every song on this five song EP is strong and a prize for the ears. The songs have a slow winding quality, never rushed, building in intensity to a satisfying refrain.  One of the stand-out tracks is “Soon on a Snowflake” — a poignant winter frolic that floats the listener in a musical snowfall.

My only disappointment with Little Green Bud is that it isn’t a full-length album.  I’m quite eager to hear more from this delightful singer/songwriter.