Chixdiggit: Safeways Here We Come

Safeways Here We Come
Fat Wreck Chords

It would seem that the most common song subject in the world of music are loven. Very few musicians stray from the accepted formula, either writing about their own deep-rooted, internal passions or those feelings they have toward an element of the world around them. But, the truth is, songs can be written about whatever tickles the artists’ fancy; there are no guidelines to direct the song-writers of today. Chixdiggit has made a whole album of stretching their lyrical legs.

In terms of subject matter, Safeways Here We Come is liberating, comical and realistic. The band uses everyday material to construct their music. Any depth in the songs is found from reading between the lines and searching for soulful meanings. On their surfaces, everything here is simple and matter-of-fact, lacking the lyrical power to resonate in our emotions and send ripples through our souls. Rather than trying to share life-altering epiphanies, they are plucking ideas from the monotony of their lives and giving them some color.

Perhaps this method of writing is the unintentional, second-nature of their personalities, or merely their free-flowing, simplistic lens of the world that offers such uncomplicated views. Or maybe the group is synced up with the unburdened tastes of their audience and is able to offer exactly what is wanted. Whatever it is, this album offers a refreshing alternative to the proven tract of the industry.

The drawback to the disc is the homogenous sound. Yes, their subject material ranges from sexual frustration to disdain towards a friends’ dog, but the musical variety is comparable to an EKG flat line. Lead-singer KJ Jansen’s voice follows the same formula from track to track; the listener only notices one song from another by the pauses between them. Of course, the sound does have its own appeal to its own audience, but it goes no further than that. There are no “WOW” moments in these ten songs, just a steady and sure-footed plodding that progresses at its own safe pace. On this album, at least, their style is lacking the potential shown in its words.

As artists try to be unique with overused material, Chixdiggit creates their own material to achieve the same effect. The writings on a Post-It note could be a song to them. For this group, it is art that imitates life and the lyrics they have written makes this album a good reflection of the small things around us.