Chevelle: Sci-Fi Crimes

Sci-Fi Crimes

Foreshadowing, by definition, is hinting at things to come, a tool often used in a literary sense when it comes to the analytical deconstruction of a story. However, it’s also something that can be used in a musical sense, for say, Chevelle’s newest record Sci-Fi Crimes, their fifth studio album to date. Merely by listening to the emotionally tempered purity of the opening chug of “Sleep Apnea,” you can foreshadow that this record is going to be a journey – one without many breaks.

You won’t find much disposable material (if any) on this record, as every track demands attention. “Jars” has already proven that it is a surefire hit, but it isn’t the albums brightest spot. “Highland’s Apparition” is an effort to lure you into a false sense of security before the immediate guitar/bass/drum tidal wave of “Roswell’s Spell” engulfs you, crashing down like an angry sea, serving as a subtle reminder of what you’re listening to. “Interlewd” attempts to accomplish what “Highland’s Apparition” couldn’t (put you at ease), before the musical feat that is “A New Momentum” dominates the speakers. The song boasts some of not only the albums best guitar, but best pure grooves and hooks.

Think of “Sci-Fi Crimes” as a track meet – excellent song after excellent song, each jockeying for position, and before you know it, the race is over and you’re left satisfied.