Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang by Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang
by Chelsea Handler
(Grand Central Publishing)

Somewhere between “did she just say that?” and “oh my God, you’re sick!” is Chelsea Handler.

In “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang,” her third confessional book of essays, the comedian and E! talk show host lays bare just about everything from her discovery of masturbation at eight years old to her deepest desire to own a dolphin… in her Southern California condo.

Like her first two collections, this one is pretty much more of the same: dirty talk, punctuated by hilariously frank candor. Much like the self-confessional essays of David Sedaris, its best not to get hung up on how much truth actual exists in these supposedly autobiographical stories, but to simply enjoy them for what they are.

Here’s hoping Chelsea’s family are still talking to her after these last three books if only so there will be enough fodder for a fourth.