Cheap Trick: In The Joint (Smokin’ Production)

cheaptrick-inthejointCheap Trick
In The Joint
(Smokin’ Production)

There’s no other band like Cheap Trick. These guys are the quintessential rock & roll group. They paid their dues early, earning them mainstream appeal and global recognition. But, this is a band not content to rest on their laurels or past successes. Despite the ups and downs in their career, they’ve always found a way to remain relevant, and that’s by doing what they do best … being a kick ass band.

Case in point: ‘In The Joint’ was recorded live in Las Vegas in 1995 but not made public until Westwood One broadcast it on their networks in 1998. Back in 1995, Cheap Trick was a year past the release of ‘Woke Up with a Monster,’ a definite low point in their catalog, and still two years away from their comeback album (the self-titled ‘Cheap Trick’). Indie music stars were not yet singing Cheap Trick’s praises to Spin, Rolling Stone, or MTV. They were on the balls of their asses, simply put. But, from this recording, you’d never know it.

What you get with ‘In the Joint’ is a blistering, career spanning set showcasing the talents of Robin Zander (lead vocals, rhythm guitar); Rick Nielsen (lead guitar, backing vocals); Tom Petersson (bass, backing vocals); and Bun E. Carlos (drums). ‘In The Joint’ is a really fun ride that weaves originals with their well-known covers (“Cold Turkey,” “Don’t Be Cruel,” “Ain’t That a Shame,” and others). I’ve seen the band live upwards of 20 times since 1985 and ‘In The Joint’ encapsulates all that is great about Cheap Trick and rock & roll.