Charlie Belle: I Don’t Want to Be Alone EP

CharlieBelle-AloneEPCharlie Belle
I Don’t Want to Be Alone EP

Well, well, well…if it isn’t my young friends Charlie Belle. It’s good to hear from you so soon. I see you’ve been very busy. You’ve released five more songs on your second EP ‘I Don’t Want to Be Alone,’ not bad, not bad indeed. I see a music video for “Petting Zoo” too. It looks like it was a fun party under the carport. That’s a great song and clever metaphor. Don’t worry, I won’t try to tell you what to do, just what I like about what you are already doing.

So, David Andersen sat in on bass guitar while you and your brother recorded in the studio, I get it, these things happen. Don’t get me started about bass players. I’m sure you’ll find the right fit for the band, just give it some time.

As I expected, your song writing is growing stronger. Your musical arrangements are increasingly complex. This release seems to be much more personal in nature, fed largely by the optimism and experiences of young love. I remember those days, so long ago for me, before my heart was crippled. Alas, your music lightens my mood and makes me feel good. I thank you for that.

The title track is exquisite; great vocals and guitar riff. “Find You” is my favorite though. Jendayi, your beautiful soaring voice over the chorus lifts my spirits incredibly high. I love the way you layer your voice and add such emotional dimension to the song. “Speak Your Mind” is another heartfelt gem. I can hear your somber sincerity. This one grabs me and takes me with you. Ultimately, each track comes alive because of your incredible vocals, they bring warmth and passion and beauty every time you open your mouth. I can only wonder what that’s like, it seems like I just get into trouble every time I open mine.

It’s been a pleasure catching up with you Charlie Belle, until next time…