Cavalier King: The Sun Revolutions

Cavalier King
The Sun Revolutions

Cavalier King hits the ground running with the song “Renegade,” a song best experienced at top volume due to its blaring guitars and driving drums and bass. Chris Taylor’s alter-ego/most recent project calls for a revolution – hardly new territory for an artist, but with deft strokes he attempts to call others to action with his lush, swaggering voice. However, sometimes the message is lost when the lyrics are overwhelmed by the instrumentation and production. Taylor chooses not to hit his listeners with full force, pulling back at times only to build up again. In “The Unprotected,” he professes a desire for something real to let him know he is still alive in such a mundane, artificial world. “The War is On” acts as a revolutionary love song while “Champagne and Cocaine” depicts the debauchery of an impending apocalypse. Adept at each instrument used on the album, Taylor translates his own voice into a rich studio sound. However, it would not be difficult to imagine a solo set with just him and an acoustic guitar. Just give him a listen. At the very least, you can use the tracks “The War is On” or “Champagne and Cocaine” to get that special someone in your life to make out with you.