Caustic Casanova: Pantheon: Vol 2 [7-inch] (Retro Futurist)

Caustic Casanova
Pantheon: Vol 2 [7-inch]
(Retro Futurist)

At one time, the nation’s capital was a hot bed for ground breaking bands like Bad Brains, Fugazi, Minor Threat, Slant 6, and my personal favorite—Jawbox. Although tD.C. isn’t what it used to be, there are still bands to come out of the streets and garages that will catch your ear.

In 2005, Stefanie Zaenker (drums, vocals) and Francis Beringer (bass, vocals) came together at the College of William and Mary to form Caustic Casanova and the band had quite a run recording singles and Eps in addition to touring. When original guitarist left the band, the band continued as a duo until eventually finding Andrew Yonki to fill the guitar spot.

That was four years ago and since then the band has forged a heavier, more experimental direction, which has been displayed in their explosive live sets, on a full-length album (‘Breaks’) and a 7-inch (‘Pantheon: Vol 1’).

Caustic Casanova recently released another 7-inch ‘Pantheon: Vol 2’ with the driving original “Lord Pinto.” The track gives you nearly a minute of fuzzed-out feedback over a rolling bass line before kicking into a driving rhythm wall of sound. The guitar tone is brilliant as the drums crash and wail in the background for nearly five minutes. On the flip side, the band pays tribute to one of their favorite bands— Melvins with a cover of “Cow.” The song is a bombastic blast of guitar, bass and drums with vocal freak-outs. The song is a thing of beauty, I am sure the Melvins would be proud of.

I can’t say if Caustic Casanova will have the lasting impression as the other D.C. legends, but they certainly have their shit together with a killer sound.