Castle Oldchair: Sad Pants

Castle Oldchair
Sad Pants
(Standard Recording Co.)

Given all the hype that accompanies a Ryan Adams release, you would think that they would be as good as this record from Castle Oldchair. Coming from a label out of Kokomo, In. is even more of a surprise; who’d a thunk it?

Top to bottom this is a well constructed record. Influences range from Pavement to Uncle Tupelo and Fleetwood Mac. The permeating vibe is that of acoustic rock. Let’s say you wanted some Iron and Wine with an edge and a little more sunshine. The only iffy moments sandwich the bulk of the record. Lead off track “Backwords (running river)” has a reversed loop that would fit better in a record already in progress, but otherwise a fine song. And the hidden track is a complete throwaway but very much forgivable.

Singles should be “Swallowing Stars” and “Circles”. Closer “Mourning has Come” caps off this collection quite nicely, slightly more experimental than the tracks before it, recapping all the strengths in one nice package. Yeah, you’re safe spending your money on this. Keep it coming, Mr. Castle. Please and thank you.