Carlene Carter To Play Autism Benefit in Glendale, CA March 25!

For those of you in the Los Angeles area, Carlene has been added to the list of performers at The Alex Theatre in Glendale on Saturday, March 25! The show’s promoter described it as “a love fest for The Band and helping kids with autism.” Click Here for information

Also new on Carlene’s Calendar since last time is one more Fair date on John Mellencamp’s Sad Clowns & Hillbillies 2017 Summer Tour. Following the Iowa State Fair on August 19 will be the Illinois State Fair in Springfield on August 20!

Click HERE to see Outlaw Country Cruise sent by Carlene and others! I had asked Carlene to please try to get pictures for the Fan Club with our friends Rosie Flores and Joe Ely, and Brian Henneman of the Bottle Rockets who loves her!

After the cruise Brian posted his on Facebook and wrote: “Very first night. Carlene Carter recognized me and said, ‘We gotta get a picture for Brad (and the fan club)!’ She was so great. One of my favorite shows of the cruise.” And Rosie sent us hers and said she saw Carlene and “she was awesome!!” Carlene sent a few of the others and wrote: “It was so great to hang with Joe Ely!! And Lucinda (Williams) and Steve (Earle) were so fantastic! I was moved by every song they all played. A few tears of gratitude were shed! Fantastic time!!”

The picture at the bottom (courtesy of B&B’s Musical Thrills) captured all four Guitar Pull artists and Carlene wrote of it: “It was an absolute honor to share the stage with three of my favorite writers and human beings. I was floating and pinching myself all the time! Haha! One for the books!” I asked Carlene what songs she sang and she wrote: “Let me think… Haha. ‘Easy From Now On,’ ‘Damascus Road’ from the new album (Sad Clowns & Hillbillies), ‘To Change Your Heart,’ ‘The Bitter End.’ That’s right, I remember now:-).”

Brian Henneman wrote of Carlene’s show: “She was wonderful. Just wonderful. I’ve never heard anyone who lost NOTHING over the years except her. She sounds EXACTLY like she always has. Close your eyes, and it could’ve been 1991. Or ANY year. She’s charming as hell onstage, tells great stories. Sings like a damn bird. Her show was the grand champion ‘warm fuzzies’ winner for me. And ANOTHER thing! She’s sweeter and more down-to-earth than a WHOLE lotta people I’ve met with FAR less pedigree than she has.”

Brian continued with another story about Carlene: “An amazing last minute bonus of the trip… me and Janet (his wife) had gone through customs and were waiting for the other guys. Carlene was crossing the street to wait for her ride. She saw us, and ran all the way over to say goodbye. It was a long run. And she was wearin’ high heeled boots. If somebody woulda told me, in 1991, that THAT was gonna happen someday, I woulda just laughed and laughed. She’s really somethin’. Sounds just as great today as she always has. And you wanna talk ‘country’? Maybelle Carter’s her grandma. Try toppin’ THAT… Nobody trumps Carlene. She really is one of those people who spent her whole life makin’ music and never sucked. Ever. Never even entered the ballpark.”

Summing up the whole trip, Carlene wrote: “Everyone had a great Outlaw kind of time! Thank you Outlaw Country Cruise for having me along! Hope I get to come back next year:-)!”