Car Stereo Wars: For Your Comfort and Safety

Car Stereo Wars
For Your Comfort and Safety
(Greg Records)

The debut album from Car Stereo Wars, For Your Comfort and Safety, is what survived numerous live shows, two EP releases, various band member additions, and creative divergence from their record label. Eight years in the making, the album plays for a restrained thirty-eight minutes, almost long enough to drive to the grocery store and back. While there are no really bad tracks on the album, the reverse is also true. No single track stands out from the others making you want to go back to it again for another listen. It plays better in the background as mellow mood music than it does as a showcase of artistic talent. Even so, when played front to back, the album is quite enjoyable and succeeds in creating a very chill atmosphere.

The submissive instrumentation and soft vocals gives you a sense that the whole album was recorded in slow motion. Even the up tempo songs have this interesting effect. I would not be surprised to hear it playing in the backdrop of conversation at a coffee shop or book store on a college campus. Including the title track, there are several songs that could quite literally pass for lullabies. As the name would imply, the album is very safe and comfortable, not unlike grandma cruising at a brisk 32 mph buckled into the bench seat of her beloved ‘64 Buick Skylark. It’s adorable, as long as you’re not stuck behind her hoping to get moving anytime soon. Don’t get me wrong, I love my grandma, but I like this album.