Captain Black Heart: Self-Titled

Captain Black Heart

Captain Black Heart features long-time friends and musicians Erwin Herceg and Dino Malito, who used to be in the alternative rock band Serum.

With Captain Black Heart, the two collaborators go in a different direction, fusing atmospheric rock with psychedelic pop and a hint of Americana.

The seven-track album opens with down tempo moodiness of  “Seven Years.” Herceg’s reflective vocals and echoy guitar lead the way with percussive drums behind him. The pace picks up midway through the nearly six-minute song adding in muted soundscapes.  “Souvenirs” begins with a few acoustic guitar strums, but once Herceg’s filtered vocals come in, it’s a nice homage to Ziggy Stardust. Keeping with the 1970s feel, Captain Black Heart shows their Pink Floyd influences on the spacey “Needle,” where you could swear David Gilmour was playing lead.

“Once for a Change” is a slow summer jam, with “Feet” being an acoustic ballad peppered with whispy synths. The album closes with “Bomb Shelter,” a slow breathing rocker hinting at some blues instrumentation.

All in all, Captain Black Heart has very interesting elements merging all kinds of sounds that you might not normally think would work together, but they do. When you boil it all down, however, it is Herceg’s falsetto vocals with introspective lyrics and Malito’s outside-of-the-box vision layering different sounds that make their songs textured and dreamy.