Can’t Swim: Fail You Again (Pure Noise)

GDOB2-30CH-001.cdrCan’t Swim
Fail You Again
(Pure Noise)

Not even two years old yet, the Keansburg New Jersey-based rock band Can’t Swim has a promising debut album on their hands with ‘Fail You Again.’

Formed by drummer-turned-guitarist and singer/songwriter, Chris LoPorto, Can’t Swim features a group of buddies – Danny Rico (guitar); Greg McDevitt (bass); Mike Sanchez (guitar); along with newcomer Andrea Morgan (drums) – who play hard rock songs with elements of post-hardcore and emo. ‘Fail You Again’ features a dozen tracks which ebb and flow through power chord punches and singalong chants. Lead single “We Won’t Sleep” has a huge chorus and is completely infectious, while “Quitting” shows some diversity in the band with its downtempo beats and moody lyrics. “One Shot” is a fleshed-out jam with another huge chorus which packs a lot in its two-and-half-minute time frame, and closing track “All the Moves We Make Are in the Dark” is a swirling beast of pounding rhythms.

Can’t Swim’s debut long player, ‘Fail You Again’ is a good record which shows a lot of talent and promise for their future releases. Where it’s lacking is they become too comfortable in their songwriting, meaning at times the songs run into each other with similar patterns. Once the band gets more time under their belt and branch out as a band, the diversity should come to them.