Bristol, Tenn/VA Declares August 3 Carlene Carter Day, On Tour Now

Some of you may remember a few years ago when the new Birthplace of Country Music Museum opened in Bristol, TN/VA and Carlene was honored with August 3rd being declared as Carlene Carter Day! Below she is seen holding the proclamation presented to her by the mayors of both cities (with the full text below).

And now as Carlene’s friend Willie would sing, she is On The Road Again, with the next leg of the John Mellencamp Sad Clowns and Hillbillies Tour, starting back up tomorrow night at the Wisconsin State Fair, then Saturday at the Mississippi Valley Fair!

Then Carlene is heading to Nashville for a week to see her kids and grandkids, do some recording (more on that later), and return to the Grand Ole Opry on Friday, August 11! You can listen to the show live on their website or 650AM / WSM.

Carlene will be back on the road for more shows with Mr. Mellencamp through this month into early September; then later in the month three very special solo performances at the Hoover Library Theatre near Birmingham. She wrote: Going to Alabama in September! The Sept. 20, 21, & 22 shows will cover as many stories and songs as I can remember! So please come see me as we kick off the season! It’s going to be great FUN:-)!! Get ya tickets starting Friday, August 18 yall:-)

All of the details as always are on Carlene’s Calendar.


WHEREAS, Carlene Carter was born on September 26, 1955 in Nashville, Tennessee to her mother June Carter and her father Carl Smith and a grandmother deeply rooted in country music history, Maybelle Carter, part of country music’s founding family, the Carter Family who had only 28 years earlier participated in the 1927 Bristol Session recordings; and

WHEREAS, time moved forward and she became big sister to Rozanna Lea Nix (Rosie) from her mother’s marriage to Edwin Lee Nix; later she became part of the Johnny Cash family when her mother married Cash in 1969 and Cash became her step-father, she found herself step-sister to Roseanne Cash and later step-sister to John Carter Cash, son of June and Johnny; and

WHEREAS, Carter realized her musical talents early-on at age six when she began to play the piano and at age ten began playing the guitar and as a part of such musically blessed families she grew up always singing along with famous kin; and

WHEREAS, when Carlene Carter sings about her family, one can hear the love and respect in her voice, as she seems to be in awe of them as much as any of us. She has allowed the legacy of her celebrated family to strengthen her music of which can be witnessed in her voice and songs today; and

WHEREAS, in 1977 at the tender age of 22 she released her self-titled debut album and became known as an acclaimed singer-songwriter; Carlene Carter added actress to that list in 2005 when she and her cousin appeared in a Nashville musical “Wildwood Flowers”. The show was about the lives and careers of Mother Maybelle and the Carter Sisters, Carlene played her mother June; and

WHEREAS, Carlene Carter continues to carry the legacy of her family today and has never forgotten her roots that are steeped in these mountains of her grandparents; and

WHEREAS, just as she closed the show “Wildwood Flowers” with the song lyrics of the ever popular Christian hymn, “Will the Circle Be Unbroken”; There are loved ones in the glory, whose dear forms you often miss, when you close your earthly story, will you join them in their bliss. Will the circle be unbroken by and by, by and by…; and

WHEREAS, Carlene Carter continues to keep the voice of country music born of the mountains of East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, alive and thriving for generations to come, and insuring the circle will go unbroken. It is appropriate that with the opening of the Birthplace of Country Music Museum, we recognize her gift of continuing the legacy and carrying it forward so that the “big bang” of our music, country music, continues to be heard around the world; and


In the city of Bristol, Tennessee/Virginia, and I ask all citizens to join me in this observation.

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