Breathe Carolina: Hell Is What You Make It

Breathe Carolina
Hell Is What You Make It

Hell Is What You Make It is truly a perplexing record. On one hand, Breathe Carolina’s third studio effort offers some of the best material the duo has put to wax. But on the other hand, the record sees a lot of the band’s heft sapped away.

The new album is filled with a sugary-sweet hooks and quality breakdowns, borderline club bangers full of dance floor worthy synths, catchy melodies and a truckload of auto-tune. With Hell Is What You Make It the duo tosses a new wrinkle into the works – dubstep.

“Edge of Heaven,” “Get Off Easy” and “Chemicals” are such examples, and “Edge of Heaven” might just be the best representation of this bands vocal abilities. It’s not all fun and games. While a song like “Waiting” represents the good in Hell Is What You Make It, frivolous tunes like “Last Night (Vegas)” represent the seedy underbelly, throw away filler that sound more rushed than anything else.

That being said, there’s more good than bad, and that’s not even mentioning the endearing closer, “Lauren’s Song,” a track dedicated to a friend of the group that passed away in a car accident.