Brain Damage: Starring – Rick Hearst, Jennifer Lowry, Theo Barnes, Gordon MacDonald (Arrow/MVD)

Brain Damage
Starring – Rick Hearst, Jennifer Lowry, Theo Barnes, Gordon MacDonald

Originally released in 1988, “Brain Damage” is about a large slug-like ancient creature named Aylmer, who survives on eating brains. However, Aylmer needs a human host to allow him to kill people to feed upon. In trade, Aylmer has magical juice he inserts in his host brain to give them a high like no other. Much like drug addicts, Aylmer is the supplier and his host has a hard time giving him up.

When Aylmer escapes from his elderly couple’s apartment in search for a new host, he latches on to Brian (Rick Hearst), and his world spirals out of control. Brian breaks up with his girlfriend Barbara (Jennifer Lowry) and alienates his roommate and brother Mike (Gordon MacDonald). As Aylmer injects Brian with more and more goofy juice, the slug and his host go on killing sprees in seedy locations in New York City.

On the night, Brian breaks up with Barbara at a diner, he heads out to a bar called Hell where the band Swimming Pool Cues are playing. He meets a ready and willing blonde and takes her to the boiler room where she goes down on Brian only to have her brains sucked out by Aylmer. The infamous fellatio scene had the production crew so offended they walked out and refused to work on the scene, which was also omitted from the original release.

Directed by Frank Henenlotter, the man behind such cult horror favorites as “Basket Case” and “Frankenhooker,” “Brain Damage” is more ridiculous than scary. I mean, how seriously can you take a wisecracking, brain-sucking parasite? Still, the film has its merits and special place in classic horror movies from the 1980s and this Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack gives fans plenty bonus material to feast on.

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