Boogie Woogie: Director: Duncan Ward

Boogie Woogie
Director: Duncan Ward
(MPI Home Video)

If ever there were a case of the cast making the movie, “Boogie Woogie” is it. The story is interesting enough, but it’s the all-star cast, some of indie and mainstream films’ best, that takes the movie from good to great.

In the film, Art Spindle (Danny Huston) is an London art dealer whose gallery is run by the overly ambitious Beth (Heather Graham). The art dealer is dying to buy an abstract painting (aptly titled “Boogie Woogie”) from a tycoon, but is up against other bidders just as desperate to buy the art.

Adding their talents to the cast of “Boogie Woogie” are Alan Cumming, Gillian Anderson, Jaime Winstone, Joanna Lumley and Amanda Seyfried round out the stellar cast.

Everyone is screwing around with everyone else, figuratively and literally in this tight satire of the art world. Even if your idea of high art is the M.C. Escher poster that hung on your dorm room wall, there’s still plenty to like about “Boogie Woogie.”