BoDeans: Indigo Dreams

Indigo Dreams

Sadly, for several of Americans the BoDeans will always be known as the guys who sang over the opening credits of “Part of Five”.

For the uninitiated, Indigo Dreams, the band’s 10th record, shows exactly why The BoDeans were/are one of the best modern roots-based rock bands going. While not their best (that distinction goes to either Home or Go Slow Down, I’ll let the diehards fight it out), this latest effort is still a solid record.

Crammed with the beautiful harmonies and the earnest lyrics which made the band stand out from all the other roots rockers that crowded the scene in the late 80’s and throughout the 90’s. The band has thankfully never tempered their songs to whatever the flavor of the month happens to be. Newer songs like “Way Down” and “Sad Eyes” sound like they could have come off the band’s debut back in 1986.

The band took some time off between the mid-90’s and 2006, but has gained the momentum back again. Indigo Dreams comes just a little over a year after the release of Mr. Sad Clown. The BoDeans may always be remembered for that schmaltzy 90’s TV show, but thankfully the band has not given up trying to change people’s minds by turning in one great album after another.