Blivit: Unhand the World

Unhand the World

When a band experiments with different styles and sounds, it can lead to innovative and refreshing music. However, when a band’s sound is consistently clashing, it can create an implosion. In the case of Blivit, the music and lyrics demonstrate maturity and real talent in both playing and writing music – the lead singer, however, sounds as though he’d be more suited to a teeny bopper punk/pop band.

The band saves itself from a total collision of clashing styles with the song “Stone Again.” The music alone makes the song worth listening to, with the added bonus of singer Jeremy Dyen toning down his normally whiny singing to a much less grating quality.

If the punk/pop singing is too much to handle, Blivit’s lyrics make the album almost worth the time spent listening. The song writing spans a broad spectrum from the poignant and serious in “Pretty Face” (“But I couldn’t see inside, All your Pretty made me blind, And ugly in your mind, took me by surprise”) to a more light-hearted style in “Three Chord Chorus” (“Her personality is pushing its way through her tank top for us to see”).

If Blivit can find a singer with a voice to match the diversity and talent of their music and lyrics – or at least a singer who may be willing to invest in a few voice lessons – their subsequent albums would be worth listening to. In the meantime, Blivit may unhand their new album to the world, but I suggest you hand it back.