Blake Rainey: Appetizer Sickness

Blake Rainey
Appetizer Sickness
(Two Sheds)

It seems to be common place in indie rock now days for a lead singer of a rock band to step outside of the noise to put out a lush folk release.

Blake Rainey (of the Young Antiques), who grew up on the Alabama/Georgia border and now currently calls Atlanta home did just that with his first solo effort.

With Appetizer Sickness Rainey goes back to his small southern town roots with a rustic feeling running throughout this release. Mostly acoustic based, Blake brought in a few Atlanta music legends to lend a hand, including labelmate Faith Kleppinger, Judson Henry, Drew de Man and Terri Onstad of No River City, and Diana Obscura.

Riley is a strong songwriter with his lyrics. He provides twists and turns through his words that draws you in to his vocals. It is very introspective and atmospheric at the same time. He touches on a running theme spirits, dreams and the visions of a small broken down home. It is very John Mellencamp feeling with his somber vocal structure that sounds a lot like the solo creations of Paul Westerberg.

With songs such as “Fields in PA,” “Like Leaves” and “Daydream Fields” you get the feeling of a soft summer day with a light breeze cascading through your hair. Appetizer Sickness is an empowering record for any fan of intelligent songwriting or just wanting to relax on a sunny summer day.