Black Oxygen: The American Dream

Black Oxygen
The American Dream

If you’re into guitar solos, here are two words you need to become very familiar with – Black Oxygen.

The American Dream, the debut from these Kansas City natives is no song and dance, it’s not a dog and pony show, it’s a true blue rock album with guitars at the forefront. This is an album that makes no bones about putting the bands six-string assets in the driver seat from start to finish.The American Dream is what it is – a blue collar straight ahead ass-kicking fest fueled by unstoppable riffs that combine elements of classic rock and grunge with a modern flare. The album shines when Black Oxygen presses on the brakes a bit in order to slow the pace on the songs  “Good Times,” but when the band puts it all together as on “Take a Chance,” they sound as if they can’t be stopped. The songwriting of frontman David Lyle can’t be overlooked here. Lyle’s old school approach not only saves the song structures from getting too boring, it also strongly compliments the album’s throwback sound.

No, Black Oxygen aren’t vets, they aren’t a band that has been doing this for decades, they are young, and with The American Dream now tucked safely away in their back pocket, this is a band that could be doing this for years to come.