Birds of Avalon: Birds of Avalon

Birds of Avalon
Birds of Avalon
Baden County

The name of this group implies beautiful creatures of flight in the misty world of magic, steeped in legend and tradition. The sound of the group, however, could not be more different. And, whereas, the name also suggests flight and movement, the tone of the album never quite takes off.

There is nothing really “Avalon” in these songs: no adventure, no mysticism, no wonder. The whole CD has the vibe of something beginning, a tone poised on the edge of expectation. Every track drips with the sound of a high school garage band playing because they can, with the hopes of getting the much-coveted “first big break,” this is a classic paradigm in the history of rock n’ roll from AC/DC to ZZ Top. Though the music is youthful and vaguely reminiscent of the age-old garage band genre, the style has no variation. The tracks are enjoyable and covering the range of issues relating to the ages, but none actually standout to impress or capture the listeners’ ears.

The positive aspect of the essence of Birds of Avalon is the foundation of potential being created, I mean, there is obviously only one direction for the music to go. If they can grow and develop the seeds planted with this album, they can achieve the success any teen dreams of amongst their father’s power tools in the acoustically dead garage.