Biology: Making Moves

Making Moves

We all knew it was bound to happen. For all of us who went out and bought The Fiction We Live, and Abandon Your Friends by From Autumn To Ashes, Making Moves from Biology was an album that needed to happen. Fronted by FATA drummer Francis Mark (the “emo” voice of the band), Biology is everything you would expect from a Mark side project. Biology unleashes 11 tracks of toned down, grassroots sort of emo madness. At first look, the album could be misconstrued as bland and emotionless; that could not be further from the truth. The album, in addition to being nicely packaged and neatly presented, is Emo 101. The record should be the mark all emo bands strive for. Biology offers brilliant, bleeding-wrist vocals, laid over dreary, scene-setting, over-tuned guitars, completed with perfectly timed, textbook percussion.

“Programming the Populous,” the record’s mood-setter, opens the album with power, effortlessly segueing into tracks like “The Measure Of My Worth” and “Public Art.” The music is entrancing, while Mark’s words and lyrics are thought provoking. His eerie and child-like, yet somehow soothing, voice draws you into a world of big thoughts and ideas, leaving you there.

This is an important album, both for Vagrant and emo music fans alike. This is an album that, as a fan, you need to own.