Bettie Serveert: Attagirl

Bettie Serveert
(Minty Fresh)

Bettie Serveert is a band that doesn’t rest on their laurels or play by the rules. They are a band of constant musical change, and with their latest effort, they are at the reinvention game once again.

Attagirl is a stretch from their 2003 effort Log 22 and even more of a stretch from their iconic 1992 gem Palomine. Carol van Dyke is still the highlight of the band with her pondering and sometimes brooding vocals. She still has that jaded quality that rings true with many of the Serveert albums.

Musically, the disc offers up clean guitars with live percussion and electronic fills that make this a full yet somewhat busy atmosphere in some cases.

The opening track, “Dreamaniacs,” slowly rolls in and builds until the Telecaster-sounding guitar fills your speakers. The string arrangement of “Versace” is exceptional while crossing the lines of adult dance and pop music. The band also gives you a little bit of the Bettie Serveet past with “1 Off the Dial” and the guitar-driven “Hands Off.” One of the most interesting tracks happens to be a cover version of Bright Eyes’ “Lover I Don’t Have to Love.”

With Attagirl, Bettie Serveert continues to move forward while pushing the envelopes of musical genres. The divine thing is that they keep on doing it well, leaving their fans coming back for more.