Berwanger Announces New Album ‘Berwanger & The Star Invaders’ Order On PledgeMusic Now

A note from the band:
We are super excited to announce our new record and third LP, ‘Berwanger & The Star Invaders.’ The Star Invaders will be released on Halloween this year, but YOU can Pre-Order it through PledgeMusic NOW:

The minute you pledge to pre-order, you will have immediate access to download the song “Cheap Thrills” from the new album.

We are inviting you to be right beside us while we create this album. By becoming a pledger, I’m able to update you on everything happening with the album, as well as give you more songs before the release comes out- you will even get the album weeks before the official release date!

So get on over to PledgeMusic, check out our storefront and pre-order the album today:

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