Beastie Boys: Ill Communication

Beastie Boys
Ill Communication
(Grand Royal/Capitol)

Oh, Mike D., MCA, and Ad-Rock, my dear Beastie Boys. How our relationship has had its ups and downs over the years. Sure, I thought your 1986 breakout hit “Fight for Your Right” was funny and original, but I wasn’t sold on your hip hop meets rock style. In fact as your popularity grew, so did my dislike for your music. Then years later, I met a beautiful girl circa 1998 and she was obsessed with the Beastie Boys. Not only did she play your music nonstop, but she taught me how to love your magical beats, clever rhymes and funky groove. Fast-forward a little over two years and the love of my life broke my heart and I couldn’t stand to listen to your infectious jams any longer. Every song you created, my dear Beastie Boys, was a reminder of her.

Again, fast-forward to present day Mike D., MCA, and Ad-Rock and I admit it’s been several years since I rocked one of your CDs, but now I get the deluxe re-issue of your classic album Ill Communication. I couldn’t resist myself. I had to pop it in the CD player and the memories came flooding back. Only this time it was the memories of the music, like the great tracks “Root Down,” “Sure Shot,” and of course the other big Beastie Boys hit “Sabotage.”

I also owe you a thank you for the brilliant line “Shit, if it’s going to be that kind of a party, I’m gonna stick my dick in the mashed potatoes” from the song “B-Boys Makin’ with the Freak Freak.” This is a line I’ve quoted hundreds of times over the years.

Your Ill Communication may be a little unbalanced with the second half of the record missing the flow that the first half had, but rest assured this release is near flawless. You were also nice enough to add in a second disc with 12-bonus tracks.

I apologize for turning my back on you, Mike D., MCA, and Ad-Rock, in my weaker moments. But it’s just like you New Yorkers to forgive and forget throwing down this, the third of four in your re-releases, showing the world where you came from on the way to where you are going.