Batusis – S/T

(Smog Veil)

Formed by two rock ‘n’roll veteran punk icons, Syl Sylvain (New York Dolls) and Cheetah Chrome (The Dead Boys), Batusis (a Batman TV show pun related to the Watusi) have just released a neat little four-song EP. This little record does just what you would expect it to do, rock’n’roll with a great trashy undercurrent. Beginning with a surf-punk instrumental called, for reasons that escape this fan, “Blues Theme,” followed by the brilliantly dopey lyrical conceit of “What You Lack In Brains.” You can almost hear Sylvain asking in his full Noo York accent, “c’mon, what’s not to like?” Earthshaking, but butt-shakin’? Definitely. Hey, you try living their lives and coming out rocking it this hard.