Bastards of Melody: Hurry Up and Wait

Bastards of Melody
Hurry Up and Wait

It’s no coincidence that New York’s Bastards of Melody have nicked a Replacements song (and paraphrased it a bit) for their moniker. The band, though a bit more pop than most of Replacements efforts, still draws heavy influence from Paul Westerberg and the boys from Minneapolis.

Together for more than 15 years, the band is stepped in strong harmonies, sharp hooks and…well, great melodies. Hurry Up and Wait, the band’s fourth effort, builds on the brilliant foundation created decade ago by everyone from Cheap Trick and Superdarg to Material Issue and even the Smoking Popes.

At just nine tracks, the only thing disappointing about this latest release is the length. Although the record has a few stand out tracks like “Dream Jeannine” and “Flunkin’ Out” (a tune even Brain Wilson would be proud enough to call his own), there is not a single song on the album that doesn’t deserve to be there… from start to finish,  it’s near pop rock perfection.

With seven long years between their last record and Hurry Up and Wait, let’s hope the bastards don’t keep us waiting this long again.