Bass Drum of Death: GB City

Bass Drum of Death
GB City
(Fat Possum)

If music is the soundtrack of our lives, then Bass Drum of Death’s debut GB City is what you turn on when you’re doing something particularly badass. Impressing the ladies at the gym with all of those sweet squats? Go for it. Casually walking away from an explosion? You’re set. Hmm, well, it really doesn’t get much more badass than that. This is stupid fun garage rock in the vein of Black Keys and the White Stripes, and would you believe it, Bass Drum of Death is also a two member group. Yes, that wall of sound comes from just two people.

The drums pound and the guitar lead the way with distorted vocals adding to the melodies. This isn’t rocket science. This is rock ‘n’ roll that deserves to be seen live in a noisy, darkly-lit bar. And you can’t say that the band name, Bass Drum of Death, hasn’t piqued your interest. Because it has, admit it. GB City begins rocking faces off with “Nerve Jamming” and doesn’t stop until the last track “Religious Girls.” While most of the tracks are fairly similar to one another and can blend in every now and then, if you enjoy simple grungy, blues rock, are you really going to complain? I don’t think so. Bass Drum of Death? Yeah, that sounds about right.