Baby In Vain: For the Kids

babyinvain-_benedicte_pierleoni_andrea_thuesen_lola_hammerich_photo_credit_rasmus_weng_karlsenWhen Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and Allison Mosshart of The Kills sing your praises and handpick you to tour with them not once, but twice, you know your band has a lot going for it.

This is what happened to the Copenhagen-based trio Baby In Vain.

Out of the gate — Lola Hammerich (vocals, guitar), Andrea Thuesen (vocals, guitar) and Benedicte Pierleoni (drums), didn’t expect a rocket ride to the top of the music industry where they would be held in such high regard by luminaries. In fact, Baby In Vain went the path less traveled these days by releasing a series of singles and toured anywhere, anytime they could.

When I asked the band about their humble, yet auspicious beginnings, they simply said “We don’t dwell on the past, only on the present.”

The present for Baby In Vain is their hard hitting EP ‘For the Kids’ (Partisan Records). The five-song release is a powerhouse filled with sounds of 90s grunge, indie rock and Delta inspirations which are as malevolent as a midnight knife fight.

“None of the songs on the EP appeared on the 7” singles. They are brand new and hot,” was all the band could say when asked about the new EP.

‘For the Kids’ begins with the slow sludge of “Martha’s View,” with lyrics as ghostly as All Hallows Eve then blends into the low end swagger of the blues on steroids “Muscles.” “The Urge” was originally a song about a serial killer, but turned into a song about cheating on your lover. And if you haven’t gotten the picture by now, album closer “Jesusfreaks” will make things more clear as it is a tale of the son of God murdered by the mafia and dumped in the ocean.

“Lola’s little sisters kitten died (it was called Nutella) — it was a very emotional time for us,” the band said about their inspiration for writing these devilishly good songs.

As Baby In Vain continue to tread lightly through their haze of massive guitar riffs and “American Horror Story” style lyrics, the trio are looking to take the next step into the waters of the music industry.

“We are releasing the EP and then going back to the studio to record a full length album. After that we’ll see what happens,” Baby In Vain elusively said of their future.