Austin Shaw: Felt (Self-Released)

AustinShawAustin Shaw

Austin Shaw is an alternative/progressive rock singer-songwriter who hails from Santa Cruz, CA. His new EP, titled ‘Felt’, is meant to be a little peak of what’s to come from his full-length album due out later this summer.

The songs on Felt are inspirational, without being preachy and have that classic singer-songwriter feel. The EP is filled with upbeat but relaxing melodies that would sound right at home being strummed at the beach, on a stage, by a crackling campfire or at a political protest rally, and we’ve had plenty of those happening in the recent weeks, with more to come. With so much political discourse happening in the world, I guess one of the positive things we can look forward to great music coming out of this trying time and Mr. Shaw’s songs are included, not that his songs are political, more so that they will give the listener a positive place to escape.

Austin Shaw shares a passionate, distinct sound, pouring himself into the lyrics with the intensity of a man with something to say. I don’t think we should box him into any specific genre because his music means more than just a place on the charts. Put on some head-phones and listen to his words.

The EP kicks in with “Citrine”, and although it has a very upbeat feel and infectious chorus it’s lyrics are very honest and personal, it’s a song Shaw wrote for his kid sister after the passing of their father. The song “I’ve Been Leaning” comes off as a Thank you from one lover or friend to another with a melodic musical backdrop and the title track “Felt” has a relaxed, yet infectious vibe.

On the EP Shaw gives us an adventurous patch of songs and he pulled together a gifted group of people to help him do so, this includes producer Robert L. Smith (Defy Recordings), and the talents of guitarist Robert Saltzman (Paul Simon), drummer Joe Bonadio (Sting), bassist Malcolm Gold and vocalist Clara Lofaro.

It takes guts for an artist to bare their soul through their words and music. Thanks Austin Shaw… we are looking forward to hearing more.

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