Auburn Road Garner Spot As One Of Noise Trade’s Notable Artist, ‘Mustang 1’ EP Out This Fall

“plenty to adore between the melodic ballads of love and heartache and the girl power punch in the gut”  —Innocent Words

(August 9, 2017) Pop-Country-Americana trio Auburn Road is Alicia Paulson, Paxton Martin and Kristen Brown. They self-released their debut EP in their senior year of high school, graduated this past June and are spending their summer writing and recording songs for their upcoming EP series Mustang Vol 1 and Mustang Vol. 2.

Check them out on Noise Trade this week. The group has garnered a spot as a New & Notable act and are giving away their first EP “Fancy” this week only. Here:
Although they are only 18 years-old they have already dedicated most of their life to music and released their independent debut EP Fancy in late 2016. “These three are on a mission to enlighten and empower with their breathtaking harmonies and an undeniable uniqueness of their own” — Subba Cultcha

Support your support!!! The trio has launched a PledgeMusic, crowdfunded campaign, for their upcoming EP series Mustang Vol 1 and Mustang Vol. 2. with plenty of pledger only exclusives. Pledge items include the new EP’s, video chats, skype performances, vinyl test pressings, studio PA for a day, exclusive design t-shirts, hats, hoodies, hang-outs with the group, your name in the liner notes, personally recorded special occasion messages sung by the girls, private shows, and more.

Check out the PledgeMusic campaign and all the goodies here:

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