Archer Black: Forgiveness is a Weapon

Archer Black
Forgiveness is a Weapon
[Post Planetary]

I’ve had about enough of the youngins discovering a Flaming Lips album in the cutout bin and deciding they can rip off ole Wayne and Co. and not have anyone notice (or call them out). And that’s exactly what we have here. The comparisons are too close for comfort. However, Archer Black has a lot to learn about execution, originality and paying their dues.

They bill themselves as being “a compelling, moody modern rock ensemble. A highly orchestrated trapeze act.” I hear the moody. I don’t find it compelling or modern. In terms of orchestration, something had to happen to allow them to pull this off.

If you’re up for a watered down Flaming Lips/Pink Floyd excursion, this album is for you. However, I recommend saving some time and just go to the source.