Anthrax: For All Kings 7-inch Box Set (MegaForce)

For All Kings 7-inch Box Set

In what can really only be described as a gift to the fans, Anthrax is releasing their amazing and monumental album ‘For All Kings’ as a limited edition 7-inch box set. The set, containing 10 7-inch vinyl discs, features 20 songs … all 11 from the original release plus demo versions and two covers (The White Stripes’ “Black Math” and Kansas’ “Carry On”).

The presentation of the set is remarkable. Featuring a removable lenticular cover and breathtaking artwork. The vinyl discs come in colors as well, red, green, blue, maroon and orange … with most having a two-color swirl design.

What’s notable here are the demo versions included. They appear as drummer/main songwriter Charlie Benante presented them to the band. All are instrumental tracks and showcase the quality of his musicianship. Quite frankly, the demo versions are worth the cost of admission on their own.