Annabel / Dowsing Split 7″

Annabel-Dowsing-SplitEPAnnabel / Dowsing
Split EP
(Count Your Lucky Stars)

Everything that is old is new again. Indie pop has turned into “emo revival,” at least that’s what this 7-inch from Count Your Lucky Stars Records leads you to believe.

Side A features two tracks from the Akron, Ohio-based Annabel. The first of the tracks, “Always,” is a mid-tempo singalong paying homages to anything Chris Carrabba has ever done, while the second track, “Forever,” is a rocker with distorted guitars and distorted vocals and a menacing drum beat. Each song is a paltry two minutes and change in length, so they don’t give you much time to really sink your teeth into them

On the flip side is the Chicago band Dowsing. Playing it close to the vest, the band is more pop than anything, but has cut its teeth on plenty of American Football, Braid and Hey Mercedes albums over the years. At 1:44 their lead song, “Fistful of Hot Wheels,” is lovers lament, woe is me by-the-books emo song, and the second track, “World’s Finest Chocolate,” is a bit longer at 2:31, but the end result is the same emo crap which was prevalent in the 1990s.

If you want to go retro and feed your emo soul, pick up a Braid, Hey Mercedes or American Football record and you will be getting pretty much the same sounds here, only so much better.

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