Animal Prufrock: Congratulations, Thank You & I’m Sorry

Animal Prufrock
Congratulations, Thank You & I’m Sorry
Righteous Babe

Sometimes it is not the music that strikes the chord in the listener, but the lyrics. In these cases, everything else is just background noise to a deeper, greater message and the words are the meat of the album.

This is one of those albums. To say the songs on Animal Prufrock’s Congratulations, Thank You & I’m Sorry are not worth hearing would short change their individuality. Each one is a unique composition that challenges and defines any number of genres. The songs carry a certain amount of appeal to the open-minded listener and already-devoted-fan. There are racy, traditional guitar heavy moments followed by solid, rhythmic drum beats before progressive, industrial tones erupt from the speakers. The tasteful variety of sound on the album is definitely appealing, but it is the lyrics that really draw in the listener.

Animal Prufrock sings words that bring out solid truths; she does not mince words. Every track has a frank honesty reflecting the whole range of the human experience. Doubtless, she has married many of her open lesbian joys and sorrows with her transcendent forms of music. Whereas the song “Emotional Boner” creates the odd juxtaposition of the two sides of love, “0+0=0” paints the futility of those same emotions. The avid music fan may also see an homage to music great Billy Preston.

Supplemental to the words of loss and regret, the song “Lost love” drops the F-bomb with the unmistakable pain of self-deprecation. Capturing the whole mood of the album, “Love Me, Love Me” explores the pain of life’s broken hopes, but with lighter tones that whisper of the happy-go-lucky cheerful sounds of “The Muppet Show.” It is as if the lyrics came first and the music—with its own strengths—was added as a footnote to smooth out the project. The whole album is progressive poetry set to evolutionary music.

Drawing from both private and universal sources, Animal Prufrock’s Congratulations, Thank You & I’m Sorry creates, explains, and delivers. Despite the name she has attached to the disc, based on these songs, the singer has no reason to apologize.