Anekdoten: Chapters


Might as well get this out of the way for those that may or may not be fans of Anekdoten, but Chapters is not a new recording from the Swedish progressive rock band. In fact, Chapters is pretty much a best-of double disc album with the second disc consisting of rarities and alternate takes for songs that fans already know and others have probably never heard.

As I just mentioned, Anekdoten is from Sweden, and I must say that I am a big fan of what Sweden has exported our way (The Cardigans, The Hives, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, etc.) so I had high hopes for Anekdoten. My expectations were raised even further knowing that Chapters is the best of the best for this group. So going into this album, I really wanted to enjoy Anekdoten, I truly did.

The beautiful lead-off track, “Ricochet” gets the album off to an excellent start, but this sadly is the album’s main highlight. The rest of the album drags with songs rarely coming in under five minutes. This is an album that you’re supposed to get lost in, to soak up the ambience and enjoy yourself. Instead, it’s just a taxing affair, where you skip ahead to the next track in hopes that there is something redeeming within the clutter.

If you are a fan of Anekdoten, Chapters is just a retread of songs you already have. Sure the promise of some demos may be intriguing, but is that enough to warrant a sale from the biggest fan? I’m sorry, Anekdoten, I really wanted to like you, but instead, this album made me want to take a nap and mope.