Andrew Morgan: Misadventures in Radiology

Andrew Morgan
Misadventures in Radiology
(Sonic Boom)

It is refreshing to hear an album these days that clearly reflects some honest musical talent. Andrew Morgan’s Misadventures in Radiology, through outstanding piano, violin, cello and guitar combinations, is one of these rare finds. My only complaint is that Morgan’s new album, like so many other piano-driven albums, falls into a traditional mellow trap. It would be nice if a piano-driven band did not so consistently translate into an album full of ballads and love songs. With a few exceptions, Misadventures in Radiology falls into the trap of consistently mellow, persistently sappy songs.

However, the exceptions keep the album afloat and provide enough differentiation between songs to keep the album interesting. Songs like “Misadventures in Radiology,” “Joann, you’ll be happy soon” and “Shoulder your Shovels” give the album a good kick out of mediocrity and demonstrate potential for future diversity. It would have been nice to see a few more up-beat piano rock numbers – if only to remind audiences of a piano’s potential to rock – but ultimately Misadventures in Radiology is worth the time to check out. Andrew Morgan has gathered a fine set of very talented musicians. If he applies the same diversity in his choice of instruments to his choice of song styles, his next album is sure to break with the mediocre piano band trap. Hopefully, the next album will have a diverse style to accompany Morgan’s undisputable talent. Until then, Misadventures in Radiology is worth the listen – even if you only end up using it to lull you to sleep at night.