Andrea Maxand: Where the Words Go

Andrea Maxand
Where the Words Go
(Ghost Weed Press)

Hailing from Seattle, Andrea Maxand is a singer-songwriter that fits outside of the conventional girl rock sound. Her vocals are operaetic touching the bases of sensual and sexy. Her guitar playing is loud, flawless and pure rock in every sense of the meaning. Her songwriting is a journey into her diary of life twisting and turning lost loves, hopes and dreams and beautiful imagery of one looking for love. She is trippy at times with her lyrics, not in the “hippy” sort of way either. Her words are like emotional daggers in a poetic form only she knows the true meaning of.

With strong ties to Death Cab for Cutie, (Chris Walla handled production on her last release Angel Hat) Maxand brought in Jason McGerr and Nick Harmer of Death Cab to play drums and bass, respectively. The two only add to the beauty of this new release and compliment Maxand’s musical prowess.

Opting for a new man behind the production board, Andrea went with Charles R. Keller of the Seattle band Neo to record and produce with Maxand assisting.

I can’t say enough about Andrea’s sophomore full length. It is midway through the year and I have heard a lot of new CDs, but Where the Words Go is easily at the top of my list for one of the best new releases in 2004.

*** Ed. Note: hear Andres “When God Shut he Door” on the latest Innocent Words Compilation A Warm Breath..and A Scream.