Aluminum Babe: Vit•ri•fied

Aluminum Babe

When I first heard the name of this band, I expected awesomely crazy European techno. I listened to the disc with a very open mind, but before I had listened to the whole thing, it felt like my head was going to explode. The singer, Anna (no last name, like Madonna,) has a very high-pitched voice that sounds like a “wishy-washy princess.” To tell you the truth, I have no problem with the music; I just have a problem with her voice. “C,a Plane Pour Moi” is decent, but there are parts where Anna sounds like a monkey in heat, and that is a little annoying. Every song has something irritating about it, but I will admit some of the tunes are a little catchy. For example, “Disease Contagious” is probably my favorite song on the entire album because it is a song that could be stuck in your head all day, or something that you would catch yourself randomly singing along to. Part of “Dream Dancing” is fun, because it goes from being gloomy to happy and then back to gloomy. I recommend it to everyone who likes different music every once in a while, or the Euro music fans. But if you are neither, this is definitely an album to avoid.