All Time Low: MTV Unplugged

AllTimeLowAll Time Low
MTV Unplugged

All Time Low’s new MTV Unplugged session finds the band at their most raw and surprisingly most vulnerable. Without a barrier between them and the crowd, the band is at their best. The album’s handful of tracks translates brilliantly to an unplugged setting, showcasing the obvious fact that All Time Low has just as good chops moving from electric to acoustic. They show love to their entire body of work to date.

MTV Unplugged includes two songs from their highly touted debut EP Put Up or Shut Up (“Coffee Shop Soundtrack,” “Jasey Rae”), two from 2007’s So Wrong, It’s Right (“Dear Maria, Count Me In,” “Remembering Sunday”) and two from 2009’s chart topping Nothing Personal (“Weightless,” “Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)”). The bridge of “Remembering Sunday” is one of the many highlights of the affair, with Kate Voegle filling the shoes of Juliet Simms, who handled the duties on wax and in the studio. The mark of a good song is its ability to be effective while standing alone, free of effects and studio tricks, and if All Time Low’s MTV Unplugged session proves nothing else, it proves that this band writes some pretty damn good songs.